Compression Streams


zlib: PHP 4.0.4 - PHP 4.2.3 (systems with fopencookie only)

compress.zlib:// and compress.bzip2:// PHP 4.3.0 and up

zlib: works like gzopen, except that the stream can be used with fread and the other filesystem functions. This is deprecated as of PHP 4.3.0 due to ambiguities with filenames containing ':' characters; use compress.zlib:// instead.

compress.zlib:// and compress.bzip2:// are equivalent to gzopen and bzopen respectively, and operate even on systems that do not support fopencookie.

ZIP extension registers zip: wrapper.


  • compress.zlib://file.gz
  • compress.bzip2://file.bz2
  • zip://archive.zip#dir/file.txt


Wrapper Summary
Attribute Supported
Restricted by allow_url_fopen No
Allows Reading Yes
Allows Writing Yes (except zip://)
Allows Appending Yes (except zip://)
Allows Simultaneous Reading and Writing No
Supports stat No, use the normal file:// wrapper to stat compressed files.
Supports unlink No, use the normal file:// wrapper to unlink compressed files.
Supports rename No
Supports mkdir No
Supports rmdir No