New Functions

PHP 5.3 introduced some new functions:

PHP Core:

  • array_replace - Replaces elements from passed arrays into one array.
  • array_replace_recursive - Recursively replaces elements from passed arrays into one array.
  • class_alias - Creates an alias for a user defined class.
  • forward_static_call - Call a user function from a method context.
  • forward_static_call_array - Call a user function from a method context, with the arguments contained in an array.
  • gc_collect_cycles - Forces collection of any existing garbage cycles.
  • gc_disable - Deactivates the circular reference collector.
  • gc_enable - Activates the circular reference collector.
  • gc_enabled - Returns the status of the circular reference collector.
  • get_called_class - Return the name of the class a static method is called in.
  • gethostname - Return the current host name for the local machine.
  • header_remove - Removes an HTTP header previously set using the header function.
  • lcfirst - Make a string's first character lowercase.
  • parse_ini_string - Parse a configuration string.
  • quoted_printable_encode - Convert an 8 bit string to a quoted-printable string.
  • str_getcsv - Parse a CSV string into an array.
  • stream_context_set_default - Set the default stream context.
  • stream_supports_lock - Return TRUE if the stream supports locking.
  • stream_context_get_params - Retrieve parameters from a stream context.
  • streamWrapper::stream_cast - Retrieve the underlying stream resource.
  • streamWrapper::stream_set_option - Change stream options


  • date_add - Adds an amount of days, months, years, hours, minutes and seconds to a DateTime object.
  • date_create_from_format - Returns a new DateTime object formatted according to the given format.
  • date_diff - Returns the difference between two DateTime objects.
  • date_get_last_errors - Returns the warnings and errors from the last date/time operation.
  • date_parse_from_format - Get infoformation about a given date.
  • date_sub - Subtracts an amount of days, months, years, hours, minutes and seconds from a DateTime object.
  • timezone_version_get - Returns the version of the timezonedb.


  • gmp_testbit - Tests whether a bit is set.


  • hash_copy - Copy hashing context.


  • imap_gc - Clears IMAP cache.
  • imap_utf8_to_mutf7 - Encode a UTF-8 string to modified UTF-7.
  • imap_mutf7_to_utf8 - Decode a modified UTF-7 string to UTF-8.


  • json_last_error - Returns the last JSON error that occurred.

MySQL Improved:

  • mysqli_fetch_all - Fetches all result rows as an associative array, a numeric array, or both.
  • mysqli_get_connection_stats - Returns statistics about the client connection.
  • mysqli_poll - Poll connections.
  • mysqli_reap_async_query - Get result from async query.


  • openssl_random_pseudo_bytes - Returns a string of the given length specified, filled with pseudo-random bytes.


  • pcntl_signal_dispatch - Calls signal handlers for pending signals.
  • pcntl_sigprocmask - Sets and retrieves blocked signals.
  • pcntl_sigtimedwait - Wait for signals with a timeout.
  • pcntl_sigwaitinfo - Wait for signals.


  • preg_filter - Perform a regular expression search and replace, returning only results which matched the pattern.


  • msg_queue_exists - Check whether a message queue exists.
  • shm_has_var - Checks whether a specific key exists inside a shared memory segment.

The following functions are now natively implemented, making them available on all operating systems which can run PHP:

  • acosh
  • asinh
  • atanh
  • expm1
  • log1p