List of Function Aliases

There are quite a few functions in PHP which you can call with more than one name. In some cases there is no preferred name among the multiple ones, is_int and is_integer are equally good for example. However there are functions which changed names because of an API cleanup or some other reason and the old names are only kept as aliases for backward compatibility. It is usually a bad idea to use these kind of aliases, as they may be bound to obsolescence or renaming, which will lead to unportable script. This list is provided to help those who want to upgrade their old scripts to newer syntax.

Alias Master function Extension used
_ gettext Gettext
add swfmovie_add Ming (flash)
add swfsprite_add Ming (flash)
add_root domxml_add_root  
addaction swfbutton_addAction Ming (flash)
addcolor swfdisplayitem_addColor Ming (flash)
addentry swfgradient_addEntry Ming (flash)
addfill swfshape_addfill Ming (flash)
addshape swfbutton_addShape Ming (flash)
addstring swftext_addString Ming (flash)
addstring swftextfield_addString Ming (flash)
align swftextfield_align Ming (flash)
attributes domxml_attributes  
children domxml_children  
chop rtrim Base syntax
close closedir Base syntax
com_get com_propget COM
com_propset com_propput COM
com_set com_propput COM
die exit Miscellaneous functions
dir getdir Base syntax
diskfreespace disk_free_space Filesystem
domxml_getattr domxml_get_attribute  
domxml_setattr domxml_set_attribute  
doubleval floatval Base syntax
drawarc swfshape_drawarc Ming (flash)
drawcircle swfshape_drawcircle Ming (flash)
drawcubic swfshape_drawcubic Ming (flash)
drawcubicto swfshape_drawcubicto Ming (flash)
drawcurve swfshape_drawcurve Ming (flash)
drawcurveto swfshape_drawcurveto Ming (flash)
drawglyph swfshape_drawglyph Ming (flash)
drawline swfshape_drawline Ming (flash)
drawlineto swfshape_drawlineto Ming (flash)
dtd domxml_intdtd  
dumpmem domxml_dumpmem  
fbsql fbsql_db_query FrontBase
fputs fwrite Base syntax
get_attribute domxml_get_attribute  
getascent swffont_getAscent Ming (flash)
getascent swftext_getAscent Ming (flash)
getattr domxml_get_attribute  
getdescent swffont_getDescent Ming (flash)
getdescent swftext_getDescent Ming (flash)
getheight swfbitmap_getHeight Ming (flash)
getleading swffont_getLeading Ming (flash)
getleading swftext_getLeading Ming (flash)
getshape1 swfmorph_getShape1 Ming (flash)
getshape2 swfmorph_getShape2 Ming (flash)
getwidth swfbitmap_getWidth Ming (flash)
getwidth swffont_getWidth Ming (flash)
getwidth swftext_getWidth Ming (flash)
gzputs gzwrite Zlib
i18n_convert mb_convert_encoding Multi-bytes Strings
i18n_discover_encoding mb_detect_encoding Multi-bytes Strings
i18n_http_input mb_http_input Multi-bytes Strings
i18n_http_output mb_http_output Multi-bytes Strings
i18n_internal_encoding mb_internal_encoding Multi-bytes Strings
i18n_ja_jp_hantozen mb_convert_kana Multi-bytes Strings
i18n_mime_header_decode mb_decode_mimeheader Multi-bytes Strings
i18n_mime_header_encode mb_encode_mimeheader Multi-bytes Strings
imap_create imap_createmailbox IMAP
imap_fetchtext imap_body IMAP
imap_getmailboxes imap_list_full IMAP
imap_getsubscribed imap_lsub_full IMAP
imap_header imap_headerinfo IMAP
imap_listmailbox imap_list IMAP
imap_listsubscribed imap_lsub IMAP
imap_rename imap_renamemailbox IMAP
imap_scan imap_listscan IMAP
imap_scanmailbox imap_listscan IMAP
ini_alter ini_set Base syntax
is_double is_float Base syntax
is_integer is_int Base syntax
is_long is_int Base syntax
is_real is_float Base syntax
is_writeable is_writable Base syntax
join implode Base syntax
key_exists array_key_exists Base syntax
labelframe swfmovie_labelFrame Ming (flash)
labelframe swfsprite_labelFrame Ming (flash)
last_child domxml_last_child  
lastchild domxml_last_child  
ldap_close ldap_unbind LDAP
magic_quotes_runtime set_magic_quotes_runtime Base syntax
mbstrcut mb_strcut Multi-bytes Strings
mbstrlen mb_strlen Multi-bytes Strings
mbstrpos mb_strpos Multi-bytes Strings
mbstrrpos mb_strrpos Multi-bytes Strings
mbsubstr mb_substr Multi-bytes Strings
ming_setcubicthreshold ming_setCubicThreshold Ming (flash)
ming_setscale ming_setScale Ming (flash)
move swfdisplayitem_move Ming (flash)
movepen swfshape_movepen Ming (flash)
movepento swfshape_movepento Ming (flash)
moveto swfdisplayitem_moveTo Ming (flash)
moveto swffill_moveTo Ming (flash)
moveto swftext_moveTo Ming (flash)
msql msql_db_query mSQL
msql_createdb msql_create_db mSQL
msql_dbname msql_result mSQL
msql_dropdb msql_drop_db mSQL
msql_fieldflags msql_field_flags mSQL
msql_fieldlen msql_field_len mSQL
msql_fieldname msql_field_name mSQL
msql_fieldtable msql_field_table mSQL
msql_fieldtype msql_field_type mSQL
msql_freeresult msql_free_result mSQL
msql_listdbs msql_list_dbs mSQL
msql_listfields msql_list_fields mSQL
msql_listtables msql_list_tables mSQL
msql_numfields msql_num_fields mSQL
msql_numrows msql_num_rows mSQL
msql_regcase sql_regcase mSQL
msql_selectdb msql_select_db mSQL
msql_tablename msql_result mSQL
mssql_affected_rows sybase_affected_rows Sybase
mssql_affected_rows sybase_affected_rows Sybase
mssql_close sybase_close Sybase
mssql_close sybase_close Sybase
mssql_connect sybase_connect Sybase
mssql_connect sybase_connect Sybase
mssql_data_seek sybase_data_seek Sybase
mssql_data_seek sybase_data_seek Sybase
mssql_fetch_array sybase_fetch_array Sybase
mssql_fetch_array sybase_fetch_array Sybase
mssql_fetch_field sybase_fetch_field Sybase
mssql_fetch_field sybase_fetch_field Sybase
mssql_fetch_object sybase_fetch_object Sybase
mssql_fetch_object sybase_fetch_object Sybase
mssql_fetch_row sybase_fetch_row Sybase
mssql_fetch_row sybase_fetch_row Sybase
mssql_field_seek sybase_field_seek Sybase
mssql_field_seek sybase_field_seek Sybase
mssql_free_result sybase_free_result Sybase
mssql_free_result sybase_free_result Sybase
mssql_get_last_message sybase_get_last_message Sybase
mssql_get_last_message sybase_get_last_message Sybase
mssql_min_client_severity sybase_min_client_severity Sybase
mssql_min_error_severity sybase_min_error_severity Sybase
mssql_min_message_severity sybase_min_message_severity Sybase
mssql_min_server_severity sybase_min_server_severity Sybase
mssql_num_fields sybase_num_fields Sybase
mssql_num_fields sybase_num_fields Sybase
mssql_num_rows sybase_num_rows Sybase
mssql_num_rows sybase_num_rows Sybase
mssql_pconnect sybase_pconnect Sybase
mssql_pconnect sybase_pconnect Sybase
mssql_query sybase_query Sybase
mssql_query sybase_query Sybase
mssql_result sybase_result Sybase
mssql_result sybase_result Sybase
mssql_select_db sybase_select_db Sybase
mssql_select_db sybase_select_db Sybase
multcolor swfdisplayitem_multColor Ming (flash)
mysql mysql_db_query MySQL
mysql_createdb mysql_create_db MySQL
mysql_db_name mysql_result MySQL
mysql_dbname mysql_result MySQL
mysql_dropdb mysql_drop_db MySQL
mysql_fieldflags mysql_field_flags MySQL
mysql_fieldlen mysql_field_len MySQL
mysql_fieldname mysql_field_name MySQL
mysql_fieldtable mysql_field_table MySQL
mysql_fieldtype mysql_field_type MySQL
mysql_freeresult mysql_free_result MySQL
mysql_listdbs mysql_list_dbs MySQL
mysql_listfields mysql_list_fields MySQL
mysql_listtables mysql_list_tables MySQL
mysql_numfields mysql_num_fields MySQL
mysql_numrows mysql_num_rows MySQL
mysql_selectdb mysql_select_db MySQL
mysql_tablename mysql_result MySQL
name domxml_attrname  
new_child domxml_new_child  
new_xmldoc domxml_new_xmldoc  
nextframe swfmovie_nextFrame Ming (flash)
nextframe swfsprite_nextFrame Ming (flash)
node domxml_node  
ociassignelem OCI-Collection::assignElem OCI8
ocibindbyname oci_bind_by_name OCI8
ocicancel oci_cancel OCI8
ocicloselob OCI-Lob::close OCI8
ocicollappend OCI-Collection::append OCI8
ocicollassign OCI-Collection::assign OCI8
ocicollmax OCI-Collection::max OCI8
ocicollsize OCI-Collection::size OCI8
ocicolltrim OCI-Collection::trim OCI8
ocicolumnisnull oci_field_is_null OCI8
ocicolumnname oci_field_name OCI8
ocicolumnprecision oci_field_precision OCI8
ocicolumnscale oci_field_scale OCI8
ocicolumnsize oci_field_size OCI8
ocicolumntype oci_field_type OCI8
ocicolumntyperaw oci_field_type_raw OCI8
ocicommit oci_commit OCI8
ocidefinebyname oci_define_by_name OCI8
ocierror oci_error OCI8
ociexecute oci_execute OCI8
ocifetch oci_fetch OCI8
ocifetchinto oci_fetch_array, oci_fetch_row, oci_fetch_assoc, oci_fetch_object OCI8
ocifetchstatement oci_fetch_all OCI8
ocifreecollection OCI-Collection::free OCI8
ocifreecursor oci_free_statement OCI8
ocifreedesc oci_free_descriptor OCI8
ocifreestatement oci_free_statement OCI8
ocigetelem OCI-Collection::getElem OCI8
ociinternaldebug oci_internal_debug OCI8
ociloadlob OCI-Lob::load OCI8
ocilogon oci_connect OCI8
ocinewcollection oci_new_collection OCI8
ocinewcursor oci_new_cursor OCI8
ocinewdescriptor oci_new_descriptor OCI8
ocinlogon oci_new_connect OCI8
ocinumcols oci_num_fields OCI8
ociparse oci_parse OCI8
ocipasswordchange oci_password_change OCI8
ociplogon oci_pconnect OCI8
ociresult oci_result OCI8
ocirollback oci_rollback OCI8
ocisavelob OCI-Lob::save OCI8
ocisavelobfile OCI-Lob::import OCI8
ociserverversion oci_server_version OCI8
ocisetprefetch oci_set_prefetch OCI8
ocistatementtype oci_statement_type OCI8
ociwritelobtofile OCI-Lob::export OCI8
ociwritetemporarylob OCI-Lob::writeTemporary OCI8
odbc_do odbc_exec ODBC
odbc_field_precision odbc_field_len ODBC
output swfmovie_output Ming (flash)
parent domxml_parent  
pdf_add_outline pdf_add_bookmark PDF
pg_clientencoding pg_client_encoding PostgreSQL
pg_setclientencoding pg_set_client_encoding PostgreSQL
pos current Base syntax
recode recode_string Recode
remove swfmovie_remove Ming (flash)
remove swfsprite_remove Ming (flash)
rewind rewinddir Base syntax
root domxml_root  
rotate swfdisplayitem_rotate Ming (flash)
rotateto swfdisplayitem_rotateTo Ming (flash)
rotateto swffill_rotateTo Ming (flash)
save swfmovie_save Ming (flash)
savetofile swfmovie_saveToFile Ming (flash)
scale swfdisplayitem_scale Ming (flash)
scaleto swfdisplayitem_scaleTo Ming (flash)
scaleto swffill_scaleTo Ming (flash)
set_attribute domxml_set_attribute  
set_content domxml_set_content  
setaction swfbutton_setAction Ming (flash)
setattr domxml_set_attribute  
setbackground swfmovie_setBackground Ming (flash)
setbounds swftextfield_setBounds Ming (flash)
setcolor swftext_setColor Ming (flash)
setcolor swftextfield_setColor Ming (flash)
setdepth swfdisplayitem_setDepth Ming (flash)
setdimension swfmovie_setDimension Ming (flash)
setdown swfbutton_setDown Ming (flash)
setfont swftext_setFont Ming (flash)
setfont swftextfield_setFont Ming (flash)
setframes swfmovie_setFrames Ming (flash)
setframes swfsprite_setFrames Ming (flash)
setheight swftext_setHeight Ming (flash)
setheight swftextfield_setHeight Ming (flash)
sethit swfbutton_setHit Ming (flash)
setindentation swftextfield_setIndentation Ming (flash)
setleftfill swfshape_setleftfill Ming (flash)
setleftmargin swftextfield_setLeftMargin Ming (flash)
setline swfshape_setline Ming (flash)
setlinespacing swftextfield_setLineSpacing Ming (flash)
setmargins swftextfield_setMargins Ming (flash)
setmatrix swfdisplayitem_setMatrix Ming (flash)
setname swfdisplayitem_setName Ming (flash)
setname swftextfield_setName Ming (flash)
setover swfbutton_setOver Ming (flash)
setrate swfmovie_setRate Ming (flash)
setratio swfdisplayitem_setRatio Ming (flash)
setrightfill swfshape_setrightfill Ming (flash)
setrightmargin swftextfield_setRightMargin Ming (flash)
setspacing swftext_setSpacing Ming (flash)
setup swfbutton_setUp Ming (flash)
show_source highlight_file Base syntax
sizeof count Base syntax
skewx swfdisplayitem_skewX Ming (flash)
skewxto swfdisplayitem_skewXTo Ming (flash)
skewxto swffill_skewXTo Ming (flash)
skewy swfdisplayitem_skewY Ming (flash)
skewyto swfdisplayitem_skewYTo Ming (flash)
skewyto swffill_skewYTo Ming (flash)
snmpwalkoid snmprealwalk SNMP
strchr strstr Base syntax
streammp3 swfmovie_streamMp3 Ming (flash)
swfaction swfaction_init Ming (flash)
swfbitmap swfbitmap_init Ming (flash)
swfbutton swfbutton_init Ming (flash)
swffill swffill_init Ming (flash)
swffont swffont_init Ming (flash)
swfgradient swfgradient_init Ming (flash)
swfmorph swfmorph_init Ming (flash)
swfmovie swfmovie_init Ming (flash)
swfshape swfshape_init Ming (flash)
swfsprite swfsprite_init Ming (flash)
swftext swftext_init Ming (flash)
swftextfield swftextfield_init Ming (flash)
unlink domxml_unlink_node  
xptr_new_context xpath_new_context