Constructing Prototype and Library Files

This section describes the general steps required to create package prototype and library files. Refer to the previous sections for guidelines, and the files in your wsadmin directory for examples. The construction of prototype and library files is different for each cell.

To construct a prototype file and its component library files

  1. Determine where the three package-related subdirectories (src, lib and etc) reside in your cell's file tree; the following instructions assume they were loaded into the /afs/cellname/wsadmin directory, as described in the OpenAFS Quick Beginnings.

  2. Decide how many different functions you want client machines in your cell to perform. We recommend that you construct a separate prototype file for each function. Common functions include:

    • Standard workstation: provides users with access to files in AFS

    • Printer server: drives a printer; can be combined with "staff" functionality

    • Backup machine: performs backups of AFS volumes to tape by running the AFS Backup System software

  3. Determine the minimum functionality needed for all clients (such as AFS setup) and place these generic definitions in one or more library files.

  4. For each type of client (printer server, backup machine, and so on), place all system-independent definitions in one file, and all operating-system dependent definitions in another file.