The package Directory Structure

This section assumes that the package-related files have been installed in three subdirectories of the /afs/cellname/wsadmin directory: src, lib and etc, as recommended in the OpenAFS Quick Beginnings.

These directories contain several sample prototype, library, and configuration files, which can help to clarify how the package program works. However, they are not necessarily suitable for use in your cell; you must modify them for your needs.

The src directory

The src directory contains some sample prototype files (used to build the configuration files), the Makefile file used to build them, and the resulting compiled configuration files.

Prototype files have names of the form function.proto. For example, a minimal.proto file defines the minimum set of library files need to run AFS and astaff.dkload.proto file defines a client configuration that uses the a dynamic kernel loading program. Prototype files can also contain definitions for system administrative files, such as a hosts.equiv file.

The Makefile file is used to compile the system-independent prototype files into system-specific configuration files. To learn how to modify this file for use in your cell, see The Package Makefile File.

Configuration files are the compiled version of the prototype files and are named function.sysname. Configuration files also appear in the etc subdirectory, which the package program accesses when configuring disks.

The lib directory

The lib directory contains many of the example library files referred to in prototype files. For example, the base.generic file is a system-independent file which includes a definition of the cell name, system options, and variables; these are used to set the owner, group, and mode_bits fields in the file and the symbolic link definitions.

The etc directory

The etc directory contains the system-specific configuration files built from the prototype files in the src subdirectory. The package program uses the configuration files in the etc directory to configure disks.

Some of the example files include minimal and staff prototype files compiled for different system types.