Chapter 11. Configuring Client Machines with the package Program

Table of Contents

Summary of Instructions
Using the package Program
Using Package on File Server Machines
Package Overview
Preparing Prototype Files
Compiling Prototype Files
Preparing Clients
The package Directory Structure
The src directory
The lib directory
The etc directory
Example Prototype and Library Files
An Example Prototype File
Example Library File
Package Configuration File Instruction Syntax
Local Files versus Symbolic Links
Defining a Directory
Defining a File
Defining a Symbolic Link
Defining a Block Special Device
Defining a Character Special Device
Defining a Socket
Constructing Prototype and Library Files
To construct a prototype file and its component library files
The Package Makefile File
The CONFIG Section
The BASE_LIBS Section
The LIBS Section
The .SUFFIXES Section
The Makefile Instructions Section
Modifying the Makefile
Adding a New Prototype File
Adding a New System Type
Adding New Library Files
Compiling Prototype Files
To compile prototype files
Modifying Client Machines
To prepare a client machine to run the package program
Running the package program
To invoke the package program by rebooting
To invoke the package program directly (without rebooting)

The package program automates many aspects of the client configuration process. With the package program, you can easily configure the local disk of numerous clients by defining global configuration files.

Summary of Instructions

This chapter explains how to perform the following tasks by using the indicated commands or instructions in a prototype file:

Configure a client machine's local diskpackage
Define directoryD [update_code] directory owner group mode_bits
Define fileF [update_code] file source_file [owner group mode_bits]
Define symbolic linkL [update_code] link actual_file [owner group mode_bits]
Define block special deviceB device_name major_device_number minor_device_number owner group mode_bits
Define character special deviceC device_name major_device_number minor_device_number owner group mode_bits
Define socketS socket_name [owner group mode_bits]